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24 Hour A/C Repair

No one wants to wake up in a hot and humid home. This is especially true for people with respiratory issues or severe allergies. Whether you fall into the latter camp or not, discovering your air conditioning unit is on the fritz is cause for concern. Proper air conditioning is vital for a comfortable home during the summer. 

24 Hour A/C Repair

Our 24/7 service line can help (260-341-0530). When you call us, not only will you reach a live person rather than an answering  service, but that person will assess the situation over the phone and help you understand the troubleshooting  process before coming out to your home. In addition to being committed to keeping your home clean, when one of our service technicians arrives, they will be wearing shoe covers as well as being masked up and adhere to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

The first thing we will do is ask the homeowner a series of questions about what type of symptoms they have been experiencing. Then our technicians will systematically begin to troubleshoot the cause of the issue. We will visually check the air filter and determine if that could it be the cause of the issue. We will then determine if the indoor blower is running and check to make sure there is the required airflow through the ductwork. 

After that, we will check the thermostat settings and the outside condensing unit to make sure it is clear of debris and the fan is working. There are a multitude of things that can cause issues with the unit outside, including grass clippings, construction dust and cottonwood fibers from trees. Keeping it clear of debris is key to a properly functioning A/C unit.

If the obvious areas are not the issue, our highly trained service technicians will take a deeper dive to root out the issue, including checking the refrigerant levels, electrical connections and controls to the condenser motor and the compressor motor in the outdoor condensing unit. Once the issue has been found, we will discuss with the homeowner the repair and/or replacement options that best suit their needs.

Of course, many issues can be prevented through proper proactive maintenance, which keeps your unit operating efficiently and safely. Without regular service from a trained HVAC technician, a residential air conditioning unit can lose its original efficiently after each year of operation. The service technicians at AHS can service and install any brand, no matter who originally installed the unit.

To find out more about our preventative maintenance services, give us a call or visit our website.

If you need immediate assistance, please call our emergency help line at 260-341-0530.