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Finding a Reputable Air Conditioning Company

Summer is just around the corner, which means our AC units will be in overdrive to keep our homes cool and the interior air dehumidified. Whether you have an existing unit that needs de-winterized, serviced, or repaired, or are on the hunt to have a new one installed, finding a company you trust is imperative.

Unlike plumbing certification requirements and licenses, which we covered in our Finding a Reputable Plumber post, heating and air conditioning is a grey area since the requirements vary from state to state, county to county, and even city to city. It is important to check the requirements in your area before embarking on your search.

At A. Hattersley, our HVAC technicians complete a five-year apprenticeship program and training through the Local 166 to become journeymen technicians. And company-wide, our philosophy is to focus on solving problems rather than completing sales. With over 160 years of experience on the commercial side, our technicians extend that expertise and diversity of experience to provide exceptional service to our residential customers.

Finding a reputable air conditioning company

Because our goal is to earn your business, we encourage you to interview several companies and obtain multiple quotes. Here are some questions you can ask to help you in your search:

  1. Will you provide proof of licensing and insurance to repair, replace or install my cooling equipment? As mentioned above, requirements can vary depending on where you live, but this question is imperative. If certain licenses or permits are required and the company you hire doesn’t have them, the work can be shut down and you can be out time and money.
  2. How many years of experience do your employees have, and what kind of background checks and ongoing screening do you conduct? If experience matters to you, be sure to ask this question. A reputable company should be able to easily answer what kind of training they provide their technicians, and if they conduct background checks and drug screenings. The latter is especially important because you are letting someone into your home and you need to be sure that they not only have the experience necessary to perform the work required, but that they’ve been cleared of criminal or drug activity, as well.
  3. What kind of warranty is offered on your work? You need to hire a company that can stand by its work and will be around for the long-term to provide reliable preventative maintenance and service. Be sure to ask what kind of guarantee or warranty they offer—any reputable company will be able to answer this.
  4. Do you do a home evaluation? No home evaluation = no go! If a company doesn’t come to your home to measure and perform a full evaluation, they are not reputable. A trustworthy company will come to your home, inspect your current system, and perform measurements before any estimate is provided.
  5. Can you provide references? In addition to checking Google, social media, and Better Business Bureau reviews, you should ask for references. Speaking with a company’s satisfied customers can offer you peace of mind.
  6. Do you offer financing? This is particularly important if you are having a new unit installed. This is a big expense, and most companies offer financing options to help you get what you need for a price you can afford. At A. Hattersley, we offer a menu of financing options, providing a painless process to find the plan that works for you.

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