Tips From The Pros

How to Find a Reputable Plumber

Finding reliable skilled trades help can sometimes be a daunting task. How do you know who to trust when a Google search can yield thousands of results? Many people turn to family and friends for recommendations, which is a good start, but what do you do once you have your list narrowed down to a few candidates? We suppose you could put all the company names on a dart board, close your eyes, and throw.

Here’s a better way. Start with this list of questions and pay attention to the answers—not just the face value answers, but also how the company interacts with you and how they make you feel. Your home’s plumbing is essential, so you need to trust who you choose to take care of it.


  1. Is your company licensed?
    • Licensing requirements can vary by state and even by county, but any plumbing company must carry certain licenses. Don’t hesitate to ask for that information or look it up on the Secretary of State’s, or local city/county website to ensure whoever you hire is allowed to practice in your area.
  2. Are you insured?
    • If something in your home is damaged or someone gets hurt, you want to make sure that it’s all covered and won’t fall back on you. A plumbing company should have liability insurance to cover any potential loss
  3. How many years of experience do your employees have, and what kind of background checks and ongoing screening do you conduct?
    • If you prefer a more experienced plumber, be sure to ask this question. Even within the same company, the experience levels can range. And, because you are letting someone in your home, you need to be sure that not only do they have the experience necessary to fix your issue, but that they’ve had background checks and drug screenings performed, as well. 
  4. Can you provide references?
    • Even if the company you are interviewing was recommended by someone, and it may be awkward to ask, do it anyway. Most people are happy to share their experience with you to give you extra peace of mind.
  5. What kind of warranty is offered on your work?
    • It is important that you hire an established plumbing company—one that can stand by its work and will be around down the road when you may run into issues. Find out what kind of guarantee or warranty they offer for their work. Any reputable company will be able to answer this.

During your search for the best plumber for your home, keep notes and listen to your gut. If a company makes you uncomfortable during the interview process, or can’t answer one or some of these questions, move on.

A. Hattersley & Sons has over 160 years of experience on the commercial plumbing side and has extended that expertise and diversity of experience to the residential side. Wisdom is a function of experience and time, and all of AHS’s plumbers have gone through 1,400+ hours of training before they are certified to go into a customer’s home. All of our plumbers are members of the Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union 166 and are backed by certified trainings and ongoing certification requirements.

AHS is also bonded, insured, and accredited with the Better Business Bureau and submits all employees to regular drug screening. They understand that homeowners don’t want to compromise safety and security.

Beyond the technical, AHS plumbers and service technicians put the customer first, paying special attention to detail and protecting your home at every turn from floor protection and booties to face masks and more.

We take quality seriously, our prices are fair, and our experience cannot be matched. You can trust us to take care of your home.

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