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Maintaining Your Water Heater

The typical life span of a residential water heater is about 7 years, but if you take care of it properly and perform preventative maintenance, you can often stretch it a few more years. In addition to increasing the longevity of your water heater, preventative maintenance will help it run more efficiently—saving energy and money

Water Heater Maintenance

What is involved with preventative maintenance? At A. Hattersley, our service technicians come backed by years of experience in both commercial and residential systems. This diversity of experience gives them unmatched knowledge about the plumbing systems and all of its components in your home.

For water heater maintenance, which is included in a plumbing preventative maintenance package, A. Hattersley’s service technicians will flush the system to get rid of any debris or residue that has built up, and they will check the pressure relief valve, the safety controls, electrical connections, and the temperature of the water to prevent scalding. They will look for signs of leaks and corrosion. The whole process takes less than an hour to ensure it is functioning properly.

While a water heater going out isn’t typically an emergency, a home without hot water presents challenges for most homeowners. If you find yourself without hot water, A. Hattersley can help. Like any repair situation, we start with a phone call to assess the situation. Sometimes, the service technician can walk the homeowner through the situation and find a solution over the phone. If not, and a service call is in order, we will get you back up and running promptly and go over the system with you so you can spot issues in a few simple steps before they arise.

Whether you need preventative maintenance, repairs or installation of a new water heater, our team can help. We offer all types of domestic water heating systems such as tank type, instantaneous tankless, and high efficiency models.

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