Water Conditioning

We provide a free water analysis for your home to check for hardness and PH and recommend treatment options, including installation of a new or maintenance of an existing water softener. It is important to condition your water because hard water can lead to water stains and scale build up in pipes, leading to blockages and inefficiencies. It may also have adverse effects on your laundry-- the particles essentially beat up your clothes and towels leaving them dingy and rugged looking.

As a part of preventative maintenance, our team checks internal filters and settings, and through backwash cycles, we test the water on the inlet and outlet side to make sure all are functioning properly. 

Water Softener

Water Filtration

Water Filtration is the next step beyond water softening for your household. It is not necessary to filter or purify the water for your entire house, however, it is highly recommended for drinking and cooking.  There are two types of systems: Reverse Osmosis and Activated Charcoal.

Reverse Osmosis systems are 3-5 step filtration systems that use a reverse osmosis membrane to take out 99.9% of all minerals for drinking water. Our team can install them on a single tap or ice maker. 

Activated Charcoal is a widely used method for home water filtration and improves water by removing disagreeable tastes and odors.

Whole House filters provide protection to your home’s plumbing beyond what a water softener can do. Water softeners do let a small amount of particles through. 

Our team can provide preventative maintenance, repairs or installation for all of your water conditioning and filtration needs. 

RO System