A. Hattersley & Sons has state-of-the art design capability backed by decades of mechanical engineering experience. Many firms have the latest design equipment, but few can even come close to our experience and professionalism. Our team of professional engineers, CAD draftsmen, materials specialists, and project managers collaborate with you to fully understand your project scope.

We design to your specifications while at the same time offering ideas and alternatives that our experience has shown to reduce initial costs, lower life cycle costs, and improve the schedule of the project. Our goal is the successful commissioning of your system and reliable long-term performance.


Our skilled estimating team is one of the greatest benefits of using A. Hattersley & Sons for your project. It is difficult to overstate the importance of getting the materials, costs and scope of work established accurately and up-front. We’ve been honing these skills to a science for over 15 decades.

In our approach we don’t hand your project from department to department where the people doing the work have no idea of who you are or what you truly need in your mechanical systems. Our staff P.E.’s work with the designers and draftsmen to engineer a system that performs exactly as specified and does so for the lowest overall cost. That’s value engineering. That’s our specialty.

CAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM)

A. Hattersley is always on the cutting edge. BIM technology allows us to visualize your buildings mechanical systems in exacting detail before we order your first piece of pipe. This way, we can visualize and correct any issues before they become “real” problems.

Project Management and Installation

Ahead of schedule. Under budget. Performing flawlessly. Music to your ears, right? Our expert project managers have been communicating these words to our clients since before the telephone was invented. We make sure the installation goes smoothly, and equally important, we handle the unforeseen problems that can cause delays for less experienced contractors. Years of experience has taught us to expect the unexpected. Our team does not panic when problems occur, we take action. You can trust the experience of A. Hattersley & Sons to get the job done in any situation.

Warranty and Long-Term Maintenance

A. Hattersley & Sons was serving customers thirty years before John Pemberton invented Coca Cola in 1886. With this type of longevity you can rest assured that we are “the real thing.” Our expertise does not stop with design-build or any other installation we complete. We offer warranty and maintenance programs to make sure your systems continue to perform flawlessly for the life expectancy of the building.

Preventive maintenance programs are the best way to “fix” trouble spots before they fail and cause downtime. Since we designed and built the systems, we are the most capable of servicing it as well.

Design and Build