Why choose A. Hattersley? In a word, experience. We’ve seen many changes in our over 160 years of business. The civil war, 32 presidents, the great depression, two world wars and countless inventions including the automobile, television, the computer, the internet, space travel, and even the cell phone.

One thing that will never change is our commitment to deliver your project on-time and within budget. In over one and a half centuries we have developed a standard of excellence in mechanical contracting that is so ingrained in our corporate culture that there is simply no other way for us to conduct business. It’s part of our DNA.

Because of A. Hattersley philosophy, we attract the most professional and talented people anywhere. In fact, all of our skilled tradesman are fully licensed and certified in their craft. Couple that with our ability to build relationships with clients, employees, team members, vendors, and subcontractors, you have a recipe for great work and great service.

Let’s face it, construction is wrought with uncertainties. Subcontractor coordination, materials costs and delivery, equipment failures and of course the weather are just a few things that can keep you up late at night when deadlines are approaching. With A. Hattersley on your team, the mechanical systems in your building are components you never have to worry about.

You see, regardless of the situation, we’ve “been there, done that.” We have the expertise and experience to resolve unforeseen problems before they arise. Our project managers and engineers don’t get rattled in tough circumstances, they take action.

We have stood the test of time as a company. Along with our partners, we’ve faced challenges and difficult projects and working together have consistently prevailed. So you can relax…A. Hattersley is on the job!