Even the most reliable furnace needs routine maintenance. Otherwise it may start to lose efficiency, or worse, it may stop functioning altogether. Proactive maintenance can help ensure your energy bills stay low and that your furnace continues to operate smoothly. 

Furnace Service, Repair & Installation


  • Clogged Filters - A clogged filter reduces the intake of the furnace, causing a reduction in efficiency and could lead to potential damage to your limit switch.
  • Pilot Light Issues - A flickering or yellow colored pilot light could mean that there is excessive amounts of carbon monoxide in your gas furnace.
  • Crack in the Heat Exchanger - A Heat Exchanger keeps your furnace running safely by separating the warming flame from the air. If your Heat Exchanger has a crack in it, call Hattersley to help diagnose and fix the issue. 

With scheduled routine HVAC maintenance from Hattersley you can experience benefits like minimal comfort complaints, a reduction in furnace failures, and cost savings of replacement. 

Our Proactive Maintenance program ensures that your furnace is running at its peak, resulting in fewer emergency situations. 


  • Age of the System - A furnace can last 15 to 30 years on average. If your system is within that age limit and you are in constant need of furnace repair, you may need to replace your system. 
  • Increased Energy Bills - Your furnace becomes less efficient over time, causing your energy bills to increase.
  • Dust/Dirt Buildup - If you find your house being filled with dirt, dust or other particles while your furnace is running, it may be time to replace your furnace.

If your furnace starts to lose efficiency, needs repaired, or if you need a furnace installed, our service technicians can help! 


  • Preventative Maintenance - Hattersley offers a routine furnace maintenance program to ensure your furnace runs at peak efficiently.
  • Installation - Hattersley offers furnace installation with expert service and care.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service - Need emergency furnace repair? Hattersley is available 24/7 to repair your furnace when you need it most!

Get expert furnace maintenance from the Fort Wayne heating pros at Hattersley!

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