Water conditioning removes or alters the minerals, contaminants, or chemicals from the water coming in your home. This process helps prevent hard water and the buildup of limescale, which can lead to various problems with your home plumbing system if left unchecked.

Water Softener


  • Bypass Valve Issues - A plugged or clogged bypass valve could cause your incoming home water to miss the softener entirely.
  • Hard Water - Having hard water in your home due to a non-functioning softener can lead to water stains and scale build up in pipes, leading to blockages and inefficiencies.
  • Laundry Problems - Non-conditioned water can cause particles to beat up your clothes and towels leaving them dingy and rugged looking.


  • Preventative Maintenance - Our team checks the internal filters and settings of your water softener and tests the water on the inlet and outlet side to make sure everything is functioning properly.
  • Installation - Have the pros at Hattersley install your home water softener.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service - Hattersley offers water softener repair 24/7 to ensure your softener is running properly.

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