Sump pumps and sewer ejectors are both important parts of a home’s water management system. They both pump out excess water to avoid flooding issues in your home. 

That's why Hattersley offers sump pump repair and sewer ejector service to Fort Wayne homeowners when they need it the most! 

Sump Pump Repair


  • Power Failure - If your home experiences a power outage, your sump pump will be unable to run unless it's hooked up to a backup power source.
  • Burned-Out Pump - Buying a cheap pump, having a pump that is too small, or overworking your pump can cause your pump to fail which can result in serious water damage.
  • Clogged Pump - Not having a lid on your sump pump can cause it to clog and get dirty to the point that it slows down or stops working.
  • Blocked Discharge Line - Having the water discharge line be blocked or even frozen with water can cause the pump to malfunction.

It's crucial to ensure that your sump pump or sewer ejector works properly so you can avoid water damage in your home! 


  • Inspection & Preventative Maintenance - Our service technicians will make sure the pumps on your sump pump/sewer ejector are operating properly, checking for leaks, testing the electrical connections, and cleaning debris.  
  • Installation - Ready to ditch your old sump pump or sewer ejector? Have the local experts at Hattersley install a new one for you!
  • 24/7 Emergency Service - Hattersley is available around the clock to stop leaks and flooding before they cause too much damage.

Ready to get your sump pump or sewer ejector serviced by the pros? 

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